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An easy way to earn money from writing reviews of product & services as a consumer,  freelancers on-board average $20 per hour.    You simply listen to a presentation, receive a product,  or stop into a store.  After your experience, you fill out our survey (150 words or less) and we pay you $5 per survey.  Once you have completed 4 minimum of available gigs ($20), a payout will be made within 24 hour (1 business day).

Gigsters on Mystery Shop Gigs also earn by referring friends and weekly bonus days.  Get $5 per referral you make, after they complete the test call.

To join, simply register.   You will have 1 test call and survey to fill out. This verifies you have a quality line to dial out from and prevent misunderstandings on how to fill out surveys.

Pass the MSG test and we will send an email congratulating your success within 24 hours.  Once passed, our gigs that pay will be made available to your account.

MSG is a great way to earn extra money for saving or bills.  Our payouts are made daily via paypal or Google Wallet, after you complete our surveys.   Those being paid by mail, checks are issued weekly ($25 minimum to send).

This freelance work is for US residents only.

For businesses looking to gain consumer insights and improve sales performance, use the ‘contact us‘ page for business communication.

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