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A few thousands follow our Facebook business page.   We post screenshots of our real-time payouts time to time here.   Undeniable proof we payout.   Earn extras just to refer people as well.

MSG continues to expand with over 2 years on-line.  Our team of gigsters has transformed from a product review service to a powerful social media influence and game changer for business models.

Join now.   Read and follow instructions properly.  Get Paid.

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Daily Pay via PayPal!

Fast payouts for your work. MSG usually pays out within 1-2 business days .

Free Work, We Pay You

Free product and digital download samples are offered sometimes. Other times it’s a service. You pay nothing.

Active shoppers average $20 per hour working with us.

Earn in your spare time.    Extra money can make life a little easier.  Hassle free work.

Daily Pay via PayPal!

Forms provided for review.
Pre-paid for any purchases you must complete.
Facebook group for our Mystery Shoppers to share other gigs.
Active shoppers average $20 per hour working with us.


Shopper aid tools provided

Free Gifts

Appreciation from major brands


Summary details provided before gig


Rated High By 2k+ Facebook Users


Get bonus $ to refer

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Latest Gig Bonuses

Review the new MSG

There is a bonus for the users that registered  and tested before noon on January 11, 2018.   We posted this news on Facebook.  Get a $15 bonus after completing your first five gigs on this new website.

Get Paid To Review MSG

We need your input on MSG.  There will be a gig to review us in level 2 for approximately one week.   Please use this to help improve user experience.

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